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Colchester Hypnotist Jason Newland

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From website founder Jason Newland



This website has been providing free hypnosis videos and mp3's since 2006.


This is and has always been a free hypnosis service.

As Jimmy Wales, Wikipedia Founder says on the Wikipedia donation page:


"Commerce is fine. Advertising is not evil. But it doesn't belong here. Not on Wikipedia. "


Due to my current life situation & disability, I am not in employment. Therefore, I have very little cash to live on. There are no advertising banners or google ads etc.


When I founded this free hypnosis service nearly 9 years ago, I decided to do something different. I've worked hard over the years to keep it free for all to use and benefit from.


The main question I have been asked over the years is: "Why is it free?"

and the main thing people say is:

"Thank you for providing a free service"


If everyone reading this sent me an email gift card it would help me pay for food and the things I need to get by. But not everyone can or will. And that's fine. I really appreciate those of you who do decide to send me a gift card.




Jason Newland

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My name is Jason Newland, I am a 44 year old Colchester hypnotist. I am also a qualified person-centred counsellor & master practitioner of NLP. I gained my BA (hons) degree in counselling in 2010. Over the last 8 years I have provided this free hypnosis service online.

Over 500 free hypnosis videos and MP3'S

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