Saturday, 15 November 2014

There's lots of things that I give alot of thought to. I think the main thing at the moment is having fixed views. One of the things I've struggled with is people with fixed views and that's kind of everybody in a way, including me of course. We all have fixed views on certian things and part of my practice, part of my aim in life is to reduce as many of those fixed views as possible. Also to be able to look at someone who has fixed views and move away from the emotion of them. You know, instead of looking through emotional eyes, being able to look through intellect. To use my brain when I think about these things. To realize that things aren't always as straightforward as they may seem. Some things are and some things, you know, there is certian views that are fixed and I'm happy for them to be fixed and they will never change as far as I'm concerned, or at least I hope not. Yet there are other things that I've grown up into, that I've learned from adults, from teachers, from society, from television...newspapers. From my generation...from the internet, you now, whatever. Things limiting beliefs...limiting views which I really would like to just move away from and one of the problems I've had is the less fixed views that I hold, sometimes the harder it can be to be around people who hold so many fixed views. I can be around those people for short periods of time but don't really feel the need to be getting into a conversation with them. So I guess it's just a case for me to try to find a way to be compassionate towards other people's opinions and views.

When I talk about their opinions and views, I'm not talking about things like hatred, in whatever form that that arises because I try not to get involved in those things. I accept that somebody might have hatred towards a group of people due to generalization. They may have been severely hurt by one person and then decided they hate everybody that is similar to that person. Now I'm not going to stand there and try to change their mind. I don't have time or the energy for that. I'm just going to accept that that's how they feel at the moment, hopefully their brain will start to work at some point and that will be processed and changed so they realize that it's the individual person that the issue is with. Not everybody that has similar hair or similar language or similar whatever else, but when i think about fixed views I don't really think about things like racism or sexism, hatred towards people with different sexualities, that kind of stuff it just seems so ridiculous that somebody would hate an entire population of people because of where they are from or because what they like to do with their penis. I can't quite grasp that concept.

I kind of live by a simple rule. That is as long as everybody involved, when it comes to sex, when it comes to life, reguarding everybody involved is an adult and is consenting, then you can kind of do what you want. As long as noone gets hurt, as long as love it there. Everyone's different, I know. But I never really could get my head around the idea of hatred towards somebody because of their sexuality, because of them being attracted to somebody of the same sex. I just don't understand why that's such a big problem for some people. I don't 100% understand the attraction towards other men because i don't generally feel that, as a man, I find women more attractive, or at least I have done up til now. But in the same way, there's certian foods that i don't find particularly like eating. I don't like peanut butter but I'm not going to start a hate campaign against it. I'm not going to picket outside the peanut butter factory. I'm not going to attack people that work at the peanut butter factory or send hate mail. I'm not going to have hatred in my heart towards anything connected to peanut butter. If I see someone eating a peanut butter sandwich I'll just move on. I don't need to stand there and say, "Oh that's disgusting. How can he do that in public?". I'm not saying that eating peanut butter sandwiches is the same as having full on sex in a public place, I'm not saying that's the same thing. I don't think you can get arrested for eating peanut butter sandwiches.

The thing is, it's just as ridiculous to be getting upset over somebody's sexuality as it is about what they have in the filling in their sandwich. There's nothing to do with anybody else. If I want to urinate standing up or sitting down, nobody else's business but mine. If I want to put my left sock on before my right sock, or my right sock on before my left, it's nobody else's business but mine. In the same way, sexuality, nobody else's business except yours and mine. Which means I don't have to have those fixed views that you should do this and your should do that and you shouldn't do this and you shouldn't do that. I don't need to have that stuff, the fixed view that you should put your right sock on first and then your left sock and it shouldn't be any other way. That's the only way it should be. Because that would be ridiculous. You would laugh in somebodies face if they said that to you. That's just a ridiculous as telling somebody how they should live their life. It's just as ridiculous as judging somebody about the kind of clothes that they're wearing or the kind of hairstyle that they have. Those fixed views, they're just pointless. Views and opinions can just confuse our minds and contaminate the purity of the love that we all have inside us. Because the more hate there is, the less love there is. I know that's kind of an obvious thing to say but sometimes the obvious is the thing that needs to be mentioned the most, because that's the stuff that's quite often avoided because it seems so simple.

And for some reason, human beings seem to struggle with the simple stuff. It's as if for some reason we need to make things more complicated than they need to be. I have a theory. This is a jason theory right now. My theory is this. I think the reason the human beings like to make things more complicated including the solutions to problems, the antidote, the ways to fix issues and to change our thinkings and our lifes, to eliminate fixed views and to be happier, more contented, is because that stuff is quite easy to do. It can leave us thinking well why if it's so easy to do, why didn't I do it sooner? If the solution is so easy, and the problem was so difficult, how can the solution be so easy? Surely if the problem is difficult then the solution must be just as difficult, if not more. And that's not how it works. That's not how it works at all. If you can spend 3 hours cooking a meal and 5 minutes eating it, it doesn't take 3 hours to eat the meal, you put alot more effort into cooking it then to eating it, and then a few hours later, you poo it out, and you put even less effort into that then you did eating it. But when you're cooking the food you're not thinking about the fact that you're going to be flushing it down the toilet in 10 hours time. Otherwise you might not put so much effort into it.

And the same way the solution can really be easier than we give it credit for. It's because we, as human beings, have more skills, have more abilities then we give ourselves credit for. It means that we really can do stuff. We really can make a change and you know what, sometimes it's not about doing some long drawn out calculation or excercise or some kind of hypnotic manuever or daily repetitive action, It's not about some kind of deep trance techinique. It's not about erasing memories. It's not about controlling your mind or getting someone else to control your mind. Sometimes it can just be about allowing that change to happen, just being open to it. See in some ways really, when you eliminate that fixed belief, that changing things is difficult, if you've had that in the past that you thought that, once that one's gone, everything else then has an opportunity to breath. The oxygen of healing love can enter into your mind and make those changes that are needed so that you no longer rely on those limited beliefs and views that you use to have before you decided to open yourself up to the possibilites of leading a happier life because that energy that you've been using all these years, keeping those beliefs limited, the views, all in one place. All stuck in one place.

Connecting different things to those limiting views and beliefs and connecting them all together in certian orders so that when something new arrives inside your mind or in your life, you can then place it in the correct category of limiting views and beliefs. But once the lids off, once that healing energy enters, it's as if those connections just dissolve. It's like your handcuffs just fall away and you're no long shackled, no longer attached to those limiting beliefs of views from the past which are not longer valid or useful. And that can change things because then when you're around other people that verbalize their own limiting view or beliefs, there's not long the need to agree or disagree. Basically you just don't add any fuel to that fire of hatred or anger or frustration that the other person may be experiencing. Instead, internally you can send them love and compassion, healing energy, from yourself to them. Just allow that energy to leave your body and enter their body through their heart or through their head. And the good thing about sending healing energy is the more you send out the more you get back so that you feel more healed. The more love you send out the more love you receive. The more love and healing that you can actually experience within you. And I wonder what that feels like as you think about that idea of just loosening your grip on some of those limiting and pointless views and opinions that are maybe outdated, old fashioned, indeed they may even be harmful to you and those you care about. They may be holding you down and limiting your progression forward.

Limiting your happiness now and in the future and the good thing is you know that when you do decide to allow the love and healing into your heart, into your body and into your mind, that healing love that we all share, that healing love that you can share and you get more of it back everytime you share it. Allowing yourself to actually appreicate yourself because that's important too, to be able to move away from blame and closer to love. Closer to caring about yourself. Closer to self-acceptance. Because isn't that what you deserve? Don't you deserve just as much love and kindness as anybody else? The secret it that's already coming to you. You just need to let it in. That healing energy is being directed at you right now. You just have to open the door and let that healing energy, let that love, into your heart, into your body, into your mind. There's nothing for you to do. You can observe those limiting beliefs and views that maybe are like icebergs, you can observe the warmth of your heart and love melting those icebergs, allowing you freedom, freedom that you maybe have never expericenced before. A freedom beyond your wildest dreams. A freedom to truly be you. The freedom to love yourself. To both share love and allow yourself to accept love. Because that's the true freedom. Because the more love you give away, the more love you get back. That's the secret. The more you give the more you get. If you allow those limiting beliefs and limiting view to melt away and they can continue to melt, even when this session is finished. Which makes it harder for new limiting and useless beliefs and views to grow because they've no longer got anything to attach to. Because the roots have been cut. Because they're no longer attached to hatred or greed or anger or ignorance. Because when you allow that love and healing into your heart, into your body and into your mind that shines upon you like the sun, fills you, connects everything within you, with love, and connect you with other people with that love. Both sending and receiving. So that brings me to the end of this hypnochats about limiting views and limiting beliefs. I hope that it's useful. Thank you.