Friday, 6 May 2016

Jason's BIPOLAR blog - "How can a dream this real, just be a dream?"

Its another day here in paradise. Well Hellooooooo!!!!!
I decided to take a snapshot of myself every day (like above) and see how I age over the next few years. If your unlucky I may even do some topless ones. I'll traumatise a few people with my hairy titties. hehe.
So, her I am. I had some pretty strange dreams during the night. One particular dream involved my dead nan. She was sitting at the dinner table at my dads house. But the house was a different one from the one he now lives in. I had just been talking to my 2 older brothers. They said something about some of us coming into a large amount of money soon. (something to do with my dad.) I wanted to know more and also questioned why everyone knew except me.
When I saw my nan, I questioned what was going on. As I knew she was dead, I figured I must be dreaming, but I really didn't want to be. So, I decided to test if I was dreaming or not. I started reading the paper, and actually seeing the specific words. I was questioning myself. How could I be asleep if everything was so intensely real and I was also totally alert and aware of myself? I then moved from that part of the dream into another situation, that I don't actually remember. Again, I was totally aware. It was very unusual. In fact it was a bit of a trip.

Today, I intend to have a bath then go out for a couple of hours. I'll probably grab a cup of coffee somewhere and then go to the shop. Nothing exciting. At least I won't be in bed all day. I had a  comment left on my last website post and a lady talked about putting on a false smile when dealing with people and how she could have made a great actor. I totally relate to that. Sometimes I just get so exhausted when having to talk to people that I practically collapse onto my bed when I get home. That's even sometimes with people I like. I do think there is some benefit to be had from human interaction, however I believe that we are all different in terms of how much interaction we each require. I need very little.

So that's it from me for now. Have a good day, those of you who are reading this. Those who aren't reading this - I hope your big toe get stuck up a crocodile anus. So there. xx

Thursday, 5 May 2016

JasonChats BIPOLAR Vlog - "I don't wish to cause anyone any harm."

Blinking Chronic Pain Reduction Technique.(accompanying video)

See written instructions for this hypnosis chronic pain reduction technique:

The Blinking Chronic Pain reduction Technique.

1) Close your eyes. (If its safe to do so).
2) Focus on the pain you have in whatever part of the body it is.
3) Rate it's severity on scale of 0-10.
4) Focus on the physical sensation. Really focus.
5) Now - Blink 5 times.
6) Refocus on the pain area.
7) Blink 10 times.
8) Refocus on the pain area.
9) Blink 20 times.
10) Say the sentence, "Blinking causes comfort!" 3 times.
11) Blink 10 times.
12) Say the sentence, "Blinking causes comfort!" 3 times.
13) Blink 5 times, very slowly.
14) Say the sentence, "Blinking causes comfort!" 5 times. (very slowly).
15) Open your eyes when your ready.
16) Focus on that part of your body again & notice the changes in physical feeling. Rate it's again on a scale of 0-10.
17) Repeat as often as you choose.

Jason's BIPOLAR blog - "I slept well." (with added nightmares)

Hi. I woke up early today. It's 8.29am. As far as I'm aware, I slept all the way through the night. Pretty much. However, I did have a few nasty dreams. One was of me working in a nightclub, but I kept having to leave because my mum was in hospital (upstairs) having a baby. The doctor said that the baby was dying and I said "can't you let my mum die instead and save the baby?" In the end she gave birth to a kitten. All a bit surreal. Andre was very interested in this new addition to the family.
The other part of my dream was where I was travelling on a train, for some reason. I got stuck at a train station because I needed the toilet. I needed a poo, desperately. However when I found a toilet on the platform, there was no lock on the door and i managed to drop the toilet roll into the toilet, rendering it unwipeable. I managed to get back onto a train and there was strange things happening there. For one there was parts of a mangled body on the train. "NICE". Also I was seeing people through the windows of the train. People who I knew. Then one of those people "J" came into my carriage. This is someone who I've known since I was 17 but we're no longer friends. I think she has been on my mind quite a bit the last few days. She is a very problematic person.

Anyway, in that dream, I kept going back to the comedy club. (night club). There was a lady who showed some interest in me & she kept looking at me when I was there. Or was it just my imagination?
For some reason, I seem to struggle to not only leave the shitty past evens to rot naturally, I also have dreams and think about some of the better times. Especially those periods when I was popular with the ladies. Oh well.

I'm feeling pretty much even right now. Last night I turned my phone off and decided not to go out until I had to. Today, I'm feeling a bit different and may go out and get a few bits from the shop. It's a lovely day outside. It's very bright, sunny and I imagine fairly warm. So it would be a shame not to attempt to go out for a bit, considering how I'm feeling. I will see how I feel when I have had my breakfast.

Take care y'all. x

Tuesday, 3 May 2016

JasonChats BIPOLAR Vlog - "I got my webcam working again - YAY!"

Alter your emotional response to something that upset you, VERY QUICKLY.

Here is a new video I made today. Unfortunately I've been unable to get my webcam working, so I recorded this on my phone. Its at a bit of a weird angle. Anyway, I will post the video:

This technique is something I have done in the past on previous videos, as well as with real life counselling & hypnosis clients. I've found it always to be useful & effective. It amazes me just how easily our minds can change. Enjoy.

Here are some guide lines:

1) Ideally close your eyes when you do this powerful hypnosis technique, as increases concentration & decreases distraction.
2) Think about something that has upset or annoyed you recently, (so the emotion is still fresh).
3) Don't choose anything that is a major issue, as you're just starting out with this new technique and need to practice on minor annoyances.
4) Focus on your emotional response to that particular situation or event.
5) As you focus even more on only that feeling, imagine it having a shape.
6) Allow that shape to move out of your forehead and float in the air in front of you.
7) Don't try to give it a shape or colour, just allow it to be however it is. (There is no right or wrong shape or colour).
8) Just observe that shape for a few seconds, then allow it to fall gently into your open hands. (actually open your hands to catch it).
9) Move your hands together and notice how your hands feel with that emotion shape inside.
10) Start to mould and reshape the emotion shape. kneed it between your fingers and hands.
11) Notice how the shape starts to just turn to dust and evaporate.
12) Imagine it blowing away with the wind.
13) Now, clap your hands together, dusting them off.
14) Open your eyes.
15) Think about that situation or even that had bothered you before & notice how it has changed.

Monday, 2 May 2016

Jason's BIPOLAR blog - "I've increased my bipolar meds."

It's been a strange few days. I've spent a lot of time in bed sleeping. It may be down to the fact that I increased my mood stabilisers, back to full dose. I had reduced then at Xmas. The reason I increased the Depakote, is because I was feeling extremely unstable last week. I had been doing a work placement in a large discount store and my moods went a bit haywire. So, as well as stopping the work placement, I decided to try and sort out the medication. I wonder if I would have faired better had I been on the full dose. The main problem with the meds, is they make me feel very tired. I'm also on Prozac too, which also cause me drowziness. Considering some of the side effects I could be having, I'm getting off pretty lightly.
So, after sleeping all day, I'm now awake and about to eat "toad in the hole" at 10.42pm on this bank holiday monday. One positive thing that has occured for me, is I have been reading more, lately. I've also been watching hypnosis training vids too. So, I am being reminded of things I already know and techniques I haven't used in years. In fact I have the urge to make a new video using some of these techniques. It kinda gets me excited a bit.

I was a little apprehensive about writing a blog on this new website, as I do want to concentrate on the hypnosis side of things. At the same time, I don;t want to be yet "another bullshitter", making out that because I'm a therapist that I have it all sorted out myself. Well, I really haven't. I would say that due to lots of personal therapy, many years of training to be a therapist and working as a therapist and reading hundreds of books, has led me to towards more awareness, openness & honesty. I say honesty in the sense of being able to be more honest with myself and my thoughts. (Not walking around mindlessly being rude to people).
However, I'm not there yet. Wherever "there" is. I have a heck of a long way to go to be  how I would describe as a well balanced individual. But, even though I have this mood disorder called Bipolar, I still have the ability to help others. That's kind of a quandary for me. On one side I really want to devote my life to helping as many people as I can while I'm alive and I also have a lot skills with which to do that. On the other side, I have a disability which really does disrupt my normal functioning in quite an extreme way, at times.

I know that I never intended or even wanted to make any money out of hypnosis, I will at some point have to earn some money. Logically, it seems to makes sense that I use the skills I have gained and have studied hard for over the last 18 years, instead of being forced or forcing myself to work in a  job that uses none of my skills. The main problem with my particular version of this condition (everyone is different) is that I can never really plan how I am going to feel too far ahead.
I tend to have a few days a week where I seem to lose all will and energy to do anything. It's quite hard to explain. It's as if gravity has somehow changed and everything becomes heavier. I feel like I've put on loads of weight and all I can do is just lay in bed. I can ever struggle to keep my eyes open. Its very strange indeed. Its as if I have given up on life and care about nothing. Then the next day, I can feel as if the sun has come out and all is well with the world. I can be really full of optimism and energy and excited about what I am going to do.
Sometimes the moods change regularly during the day. I would say that that  happens more when I am around others or outside my home. My mood can change in a second, which is a bit problematic, especially if I am with someone or at work. It happened at a family birthday party last year and I suddenly felt sooo angry. I had to leave the party and come home. I felt out of control. It was quite scary actually. I didn't like it at all.

Just like anyone else, I have triggers. However, I think that my responses are way over the top for that particular situation. I overreact sometimes. Most of these feelings are kept inside as I keep away from people so as not to express myself outwardly and possibly cause upset. I think one of the most annoying things of having a mood disorder, is when the I have extreme moods, without any obvious triggers. It can be the most beautiful weather outside and I can be laying in bed not caring if I live or die. It's very strange.
On the flip side, I could be at a funeral and if I was in an up state, the sadness of the funeral wouldn't affect my good mood. (this is an extreme example. I rarely do somersaults at funerals.)

I think that the meds do have an effect of stopping me going to the extremes of my moods. (usually) Also, not having to be around people also helps. I think its a bit strange really. I actually have quite a good ability to communicate with people, but I also seem to be allergic to them as well. I also think that working on my hypnosis service really helps me to focus on something positive. Its pretty much the only thing  care about.

Anyway - I am in the process of uploading the web cam software onto my laptop. The laptop stopped working properly yesterday and I had to reset the whole system. Every bit of software was deleted which is a bit of a pain. So, I'm now in the process of setting it up again. I may try minimise the amount of stuff on there from now on. Especially uploads and software. I am using my small chrome book to write this. The good thing about this little laptop, is that I only use it for internet use. I don't download or upload anything, (apart from web pages). So, there is no software on here, slowing the machine down. It actually works better that the man laptop. I hope the other laptop gets back to normal once I have sorted it out. I really do hope so. I am limited to what I can do on this chrome book. Mind you, I do like it. It's quite good for writing my blog. It's also good for using in coffee shops, as it fits into my bag easily. Yep - I do lurve it. I could use my ipad, but I just prefer laptops.
Saying that, I do think I could benefit from getting a decent pc. It would help me with recording  video and audio if I had a more powerful machine. For now I shall make do with what I have. (unless the other laptop is fucked, which I hope is not the case.)

So, I guess this is it from me for now. I will probably make more blogs in the future.