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Psychologist Phil Steele BA(HONS) MSc, MA.Dip

Psychologist Phil Steele BA(HONS) MSc, MA.Dip

Phil Steele Hypnosis & Reiki
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About me

Phil has experience working on everyday issues including anxiety, confidence, sleep and much more. This year he has treated Olympic & World Champion Boxers like Callum Smith, Professional Footballers, UFC stars, Television and Music performers.

Hello and welcome to Phil's profile :

Before you read on and make sure that this is the right place for you, feel free to look at the section about Phil so that you can make sure your gut instinct is telling you yes.

Most recently Phil coached WBA and Ring magazine Super-Middleweight Boxing Champion of the World Callum Smith

***Learn Hypnosis Feb 2019, contact for more info***

Choose Professional Help With:

Anxiety & Depression

Research has proven that hypnotherapy can alter how your mind reacts to anxiety and depression specifically if you experience any of these issues:

  • Emotional baggage from unresolved trauma in the past
  • Panic attacks caused by stress, pressure and social anxiety
  • Living under difficult circumstances like abusive relationships or caring for sick relatives

Sometimes people you love cannot understand how hard it is to visit them, reply to texts, answer the phone or even be in the same room as them because of your anxiety. Some people may think you are being rude because you dont say hello back in the supermarket or put your head down when you see a crowd of people you know when actually its because of how bad your anxiety is.

You can release trapped emotions, get rid of the feeling in your chest and stomach, conquer panic attacks and gain massive amounts of self love, confidence and self esteem through sessions of hypnotherapy.

If you would like to discuss anything confidentially in a safe and friendly way, feel free to call me or email direct on 07540312039 and

Celebrity Clients

Living your life in the public eye means maintaining high standards, this can add pressure to your life and take its toll on your emotions. Its important that you dont feel detached from the real world, can still connect to your roots and maintain a positive mindset at all times away from anxiety, addiction and sadness.

Phil has treated stars of television, film, Glastonbury musicians as well as professional footballers, rugby players, golfers, cage fighters, World champion boxers and Olympic champion boxers.

100% confidentiality is secured.

If you would like to discuss anything confidentially in a safe and friendly way, feel free to call me or email direct on 07540312039 and

Drug Addiction

When you enter hypnosis the part of your brain that links to where your habits are stored, and where your emotional responses that create your cravings (the Amgydla) can be accessed so that your can break long standing addictions.

In just a few sessions Phil has stopped many people using cocaine & weed.

If you would like to discuss anything confidentially in a safe and friendly way, feel free to call me or email direct on 07540312039 and


Wether you feel its rational or irrational to have your phobia; the great news is it can go. The majority of people with fears of spaces, spiders, needles, blood, heights or flying find that modern hypnotic techniques can make their problem disappear in one session, or, become so much more comfortable and manageable.

Phil has experience working with all of the above phobias plus more. Check out the testimonial in the photos section from Vicky who is now free from the fear of needles.

If you would like to discuss anything confidentially in a safe and friendly way, feel free to call me or email direct on 07540312039 and

Professional Athletes & Sportspeople

The importance of a strong mindset in sport is up there with peak physical fitness. Sometimes though the pressure of maintaining form, bouncing back from defeat or feeling mentally strong enough can make you feel stressed, anxious and unconfident.

The key to this is unlocking the potential in your subconscious mind through a range of traditional and modern hypnosis and scientific psychological techniques.

Phil has worked with professional footballers, rugby players, golfers, cage fighters, World champion boxers and Olympic champion boxers.

100% confidentiality is secured.

If you would like to discuss anything confidentially in a safe and friendly way, feel free to call me or email direct on 07540312039 and


Here is the biggest surprise that the people just like you who have got treatment for stoping smoking from Phil are most surprised about: sugar is what makes you addicted to smoking! its the sugar content formed when the tobacco is processed that creates and maintains your addiction. Added to this the nicotine, and most importantly the psychological reason such as the way you may have started smoking to feel older or fit in make it a habit that sometimes you cannot break on your own.

Therefore hypnotherapy is a solution that can give you your power back over this bad habit.

If you would like to discuss anything confidentially in a safe and friendly way, feel free to call me or email direct on 07540312039 and

Weight Loss

When you find that Weight Watchers, Slimmer's World and yo-yo diets dont work for you, find a different solution through hypnotherapy.

Wether you want this 121 privately, or as part of a small group with your friends, you will find that hypnotherapy can help you specifically in three areas:

  • Break bad food habits and binge eating
  • Change how you react to stress, boredom and sadness in emotional eating
  • Motivation to choose healthier food, to prepare meals and want to exercise

The key thing you need is a specific goal; this can be a target weight, target dress size or just so your clothes fit and feel better. Your goals are reached though using traditional hypnotherapy, modern hypnosis techniques and scientific methods. As well as hypnotherapy you get audios and booklets to use at home.

If you would like to discuss anything confidentially in a safe and friendly way, feel free to call me or email direct on 07540312039 and

Professional Help is Also Available For:

  • Body Dysmorphia
  • Confidence
  • Erectile Dysfunction
  • Insomnia
  • Past Life Regression
  • Public Speaking
  • Pain
  • Sleeping

Training, qualifications & experience

Phil Steele is a trained Psychologist, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Stage Hypnotist and Reiki Master with the following qualifications:

  • MSc Psychology, Edge Hill University
  • Advanced Diploma in Hypnotherapy (highest qualification)
  • Complete Mind Therapist
  • Kinetic Shift Practitioner
  • Reiki Master & Teacher
  • BA 2:1 honours in History

Phil has hypnotised over 1000 people for issues ranging from addiction, anxiety, phobias, weight loss, past life regression and has taught around the world. This has included celebrity clients and sportsmen & women including 3 Olympic Athletes, World Champion Boxers, golfers and Professional Footballers. Phil has also appeared on stage and tv.

In addition to individual clients Phil has been booked by companies such as Very, Littlewoods, Job Centre, Glam Rock Studios and more.

Phil has nominated for a Liverpool Lifestyle Award for Best Holistic Business and a Positivity award 2018 and has also been hired as a guest speaker including the international WEF in London 2017 and 2 Minds of Steel events

In 2019 'How to Sleep & Why its Important' written by Phil is to be released by Pen & Sword publishers.

Areas of hypnotherapy I deal with

* If you have been diagnosed or suspect you may have one of the medical conditions starred above, you should consult your GP for advice, diagnosis and treatment and always inform your health professional before starting any alternative or additional therapies or treatments.

Other areas of hypnotherapy I deal with

Feedback I have had from clients who have found me through the directory is that they feel sometimes this site doesn't give a full picture of the types of things I help people succeed with.

Here are some examples of recent cases that I have successfully treated & the client is happy for me to mention only the reason for treatment:

- Bereavement Support
- Stop Smoking (tobacco & weed)
- Cocaine Addiction
- Nail Biting
- Phobia of flying
- Phobia of spiders
- Business Motivation 
- Gym Motivation 
- Confidence
- Back Pain management 
- Weight Loss (on Drs orders)
- Male Impotence 
- Anxiety 
- Bulimia (contact me to here the clients story in their own words)
- Job Interview Confidence (contact me to hear the clients story in their own words)
- Mindfulness
- Past Life Regression

I look forward to helping you.

Photos & videos

  • Callum Smith Boxer & World Champion
  • David Price Boxer
  • Tasha Jonas Boxer
  • Phil Steele creator of The MindPT
  • Relief Hypnotherapy Office
  • Office 2
  • Office 3
  • Matt's story
  • Holly's story
  • Nicola's Story
  • Kate's story
  • Gill's story
  • Jay's story


For the majority of issues £300.00 for 3 sessions.

All services require full payment at time of booking via PayPal, bank transfer or card.

I offer a free audio with every session where you can listen through your phone, tablet or computer. 

If you are not local - No problem. Hypnotherapy is just as effective via Skype or Facetime.

Published articles

Further information

What is Hypnosis

Hypnosis, also known as trance, is a process that can occur naturally and can be brought on, induced, purposely. We spend all of our time in states of natural hypnosis. This is at different levels, from when we first wake up to the autopilot when at work and then when we finally get to sleep.

The easiest way to understand hypnosis is to see it as a feeling that can lead to other feelings.

Which of these examples of natural hypnosis do you experience and feel each day:

When you first wake up and think your dreams where real?

Arriving at work and wondering how you drove their so quickly?

Day dreaming during a meeting or conversation?

Watching a film and becoming so engrossed that you don’t hear the conversations around you?

Reading a book and having to reread the page numerous times as you keep losing focus?

The most common levels of natural hypnosis are when we are learning something new, carrying out tasks we have previously learnt and enter autopilot, or when something out of the ordinary happens.

When hypnosis is purposely induced, it is usually by a qualified hypnotherapist to help a person resolve emotional issues or break habits.

It happens because a certain part of the brain can be bypassed which puts the individual in a place of deep hypnosis.

Hypnosis is a feeling, just like a feeling of happiness, a feeling of change, it is a natural part of life, yet can also be brought on by a qualified and leading hypnotherapist hypnotist.

How It Works

Your mind is split into sections, the largest being the conscious and non-concsious (which is like the worlds most powerful computer). Your thoughts, feelings and memories live in the non-concsious.

A leading hypnotherapist can use a range of safe and professional techniques to put you in a nice feeling of induced hypnosis which increases your ability to change, delete and modify the things that no longer serve you in your non-concsious mind.

What Can Be Treated

Hypnosis can be used for a vast range of issues.

Most issues can be felt physically in your body. The feeling of anxiety in your stomach, stress across your shoulders or the gripping reaction your body makes when encountered with a phobia. All of these feelings can be changed, modified, reduced or controlled with hypnosis without you even having to relive painful emotions or memories.

Even if your issue is rare or not felt physically it can be treated.

Why Choose Phil

Firstly go with your gut instinct, choose a leading hypnotherapist who you instantly get a good feeling about. If that happens to be me you can be safe in the knowledge that I have experience working with a big range of issues and people, here are the techniques and qualifications I have:

Advanced Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy (Traditional and formal hypnotherapy)

Advanced Diploma in NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming which can help people who struggle to close their eyes and relax)

Kinetic Shift (rapid skill to remove physical pain and bad emotions)

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique: tapping on meridian points to release trapped emotions)

The Rubbing Technique (new therapy invented by myself for changing bad thoughts & feelings in minutes)

EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing: proven scientific technique)

Learn more about me in this article published in December:

Latest News from our happy clients:

(Clients have agreed for me to share their names, all clients are treated with 100% confidentiality and data protection)

Helped a lady called Holly make more sales in 3 days than her past month by working on her self esteem *** update now Holly is top seller in Europe and has won a trip to New York

I highly recommend Phil I couldn't describe how much he has helped me in many ways and I'm so so! grateful! Thankyou (Natalie Lavery)

I've been terrified of needles since a young age, could not even look at one, after just one session with Phil I was watching videos of people giving blood. I can't believe it's worked, absolutely amazing! Should have done it years ago, so friendly and professional, can't thank you enough For fixing me. (Vicki Garnett)

Phil is a great guy with a very warm and friendly personality - most important in this area of work. Professionally he is able to get to the root cause of your problem / goals to help you better understand them and solve them. Everyone spends money on their body whether it's cosmetics, personal training, gym memberships etc. But the mind is more important than the body. So stop debating about what you should do or who you should see and give Phil a call. (Andrew Leong)

Attended another one of Phil's workshops today which included EFT, it was great really informative and also brings people together which is lovely. Phil is very professional in all he does, but most importaintly he is a very kind and caring person who goes out of his way to help and support people, nothing is to much trouble for him. He puts his heart and soul into all he does. (Sue Pierce)

I had an amazing past life regression session with Phil! I'm absolutely blown away! Phil makes you feel so relaxed and you leave super positive. Can't wait for my next session. (Kate Norman)


For free audios in the traditional hypnosis style click here: