Normalene Darrien - Clackmannanshire Hypnotherapist

Normalene Darrien SQHP (GHR reg) Dip AH. Dip Cur Hyp. M.M.A.N.F

Normalene Darrien SQHP (GHR reg) Dip AH. Dip Cur Hyp. M.M.A.N.F


01324 874976 / 07963175944

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About me

My name is Normalene and our therapy business "Inner Kalm" is based in Grangemouth Stirlingshire.       I am a healer as well as a therapist, specialising in a wide range of hypnotherapy and energy techniques to help you find your own inner kalm!

My main reason for doing the work I do, comes from my desire to help people achieve their personal goals. To obtain any kind of positive change, you sometimes have to release negative emotions, old habits, anxiety and blockages. This is what I specialise in.

I am able to blend a wonderful mix of hypnotic and therapy techniques to suit each individual, which results in a very high success rate.

My husband James is also a registered Professional Clinical Hypnotherapist, Mind Coach and Smoking Cessation specialist. Jim and I work in similar ways to help you achieve your goals, release stress and anxiety and discover your inner peace and happiness again. It is always an added bonus to be able to offer both a male or female therapist for appointments! Between us we have a successful variety of techniques and self help tools to help you, no matter what is troubling you.

As well as expertise, I believe our main ingredient of success is that clients feel very relaxed and comfortable with us. Any personal problem or difficulty can be much more easily helped, if there is a good rapport between therapist and client.

We are good listeners and truly care about everyone we meet, putting everyone quickly at ease. This is very important in any healing therapy. 


There is no pressure to book continuous sessions. We believe in helping people as quickly and thoroughly as possible without cutting corners. 
A first session/consultation is designed so that we may fully understand your problems and concerns This is very important as we can then design a personal plan of help for you..

A first session with either of us is extremely relaxing, and is about building confidence and self belief to overcome problems and obstacles in the way of your life's path.
A helpful CD will be included in the cost of a first session. Clients leave feeling much more relaxed and optimistic than they have done in a long time.

Everything we do in a session will be explained to you first, and we are happy to answer any questions regarding therapy.
Likewise, estimated amount of sessions will be discussed, with no obligation to book further appointments.
However, on average the majority of our clients need only 2 or 3 sessions to fully overcome their problems.
Long term difficulties may require more expert help, so should you need more in depth work that requires more than 4 sessions, we are happy to offer an attractive discounted rate to help you financially on request.



I am trained in Clinical, Curative and Analytical Hypnotherapy.and also completed training as an Emotion Resolution Therapist and client centred Parts Therapist. This means I can help with many emotional issues which may be difficult to overcome on your own.

I am able to particularly help people with phobias, fears, low self esteem, confidence issues, and  anger management. Such problems can affect a huge part of a persons life!

My past training and experience is expansive and varied to help with many problems which may benefit from expert hypnotic help.
Having worked for years as a complementary therapist, other past experiences saw me spending many happy hours working with the elderly as a voluntary therapist in hospitals, and healing and fostering injured and abandoned animals with the SSPCA...
This holistic background was enjoyable, and wonderful experience for the more professional in depth levels of healing work which I now enjoy.

I truly enjoy my work as a meditation teacher, Reiki practitioner, and Usui Reiki Master, 
and find Reiki energy and some simple meditation techniques, can complement hypnotherapy in a very relaxed yet powerful way if the client desires.


I have I worked for the NHS for many years, where my people skills and background have been a marvelous foundation for the mind coaching, reiki and hypnosis work I enjoy today.
My hypnotherapy professional training was excellent in preparing me for the many personal difficulties, addictions, fears and problems affecting many of us in this often challenging modern world.

Mind coaching is similar to life coaching, but as the name suggests, is about taking control of your thinking in a new positive way. This is a stand alone therapy which produces great results quickly!
It is relaxing, powerful illuminating and very effective.
Mind coaching can also be combined at no extra cost with some gentle hypnosis for further effect if the client desires. 
One session of mind coaching is usually all that is required!

Clients who have received mind coaching through our methods, develop a new confident approach which can help them achieve many things in life.First and foremost self valuation and self belief.Once these foundations are in place, anything is possible!
I am fully trained and registered with the GHR as a Clinical Hypnotherapist and Mind Coach.
This enables me to deal with a wide variety of personal problems, habits, phobias, addictions and fears.


I underwent specific training in this field and specialise in productive methods of helping break the addiction to cigarettes.
I am delighted to have a high success rate of people who have completely kicked the habit in only one session! -
A free back up booster session is available to anyone who feels they need it, but in all honesty not many do.However, please feel free to contact me anytime if you feel the need of further help...I am happy to be of assistance.


Like my wife, i am a usui reiki master, and have many satisfied clients who love their sessions of healing. Reiki is pleasant to receive and is for all ages. Reiki can help relieve both physical and emotional problems in a relaxing way.
Reiki and hypnotherapy can complement one another very well.
Reiki discounts are available for regular customers.

Our spacious garden therapy room is peaceful and very calming.
If you would like an appointment, or wish to discuss possible therapy with either of us, then you are welcome to email or telephone anytime. Please leave your tel number and a message.
We will respond if possible the same day.

Training, qualifications & experience


Diploma in Curative and Clinical Hypnotherapy ( Dip Cur Hyp)

Diploma in Analytical Hypnotherapy ( Dip AH)

Senior Qualification in Hypnotherapy (SQHP)

Certified Parts Therapy Fascilitator

Diploma in Emotion Resolution Therapy

Smoking Cessation Therapist

MIind Coach


Usui Reiki Masters

Karuna 2 Practitioners

Meditation Teacher with the New Age Foundation- M.M.A.N.F

Member organisations

Registered / Accredited


Areas of hypnotherapy I deal with

* If you have been diagnosed or suspect you may have one of the medical conditions starred above, you should consult your GP for advice, diagnosis and treatment and always inform your health professional before starting any alternative or additional therapies or treatments.

Other areas of hypnotherapy I deal with

Interview presentation
Fear of spiders / insects

Photos & videos

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Hypnotherapy session- £50
(Price includes initial consultation and any required CD'S)

Mind Coaching - £50...(can also include hypnosis)

Smoking Cessation - £100 for a "stop in one" session treatment
(Price includes Cd's and free back up help if required.)

Reiki Healing treatments - £30

Personal Meditation Instruction- £30

Please see website for further therapy information, and costs for Reiki Training.

Further information

We have helped clients with issues of stress, depression, panic attacks and anxiety;- as well as working with many  types of fears:- such as fear of flying, exam nerves and public speaking, to name a few.
Losing weight can be much more successful under the guidance of hypnosis, whilst a 
Stop Smoking session, can often free smokers from the habit in less than 2 hours!

Reiki can help reduce physical pain and headaches, calm the nervous system, promote confidence and promote good energy within the body. A reiki treatment is very tranquil and relaxing to receive

Both therapies are excellent for helping insomnia, and inducing supreme relaxation. Many of our clients come from recommendations!

I have run meditations groups for years, but found that clients often prefer the relaxation and personal intuition that 1 to 1 training can offer.
This way you can learn at your own pace with no pressure to keep up with others in the group.
For many, one session is all that is required to learn how to relax in the comfort of your own home.
Meditation with me is simple, effective and enjoyable. You may book a further session anytime if you wish to advance your skills. Meditation is a perfect way to de-stress!

Reiki workshops are available if you are interested in healing. 
Contact Normalene for further information


Inner Kalm is easy to find, and centrally located for all of Falkirk district, Stirlingshire, Clackmannanshire, Lothian, Glasgow and Edinburgh.

Normalene is a registered analytical hypnotherapist with the GHR - (SQHP) and a member of the Scottish Hypnotherapy Society.
James is a registered clinical hypnotherapist with the GHR - (GQHP)