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Anne Gregory Solution focused hypnotherapist (DHP)

Anne Gregory Solution focused hypnotherapist (DHP)


Greater Manchester

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About me

I am a solution focused hypnotherapist working from convenient premises in Stretford, South Manchester (easily accessible from the M60 motorway), and also via Skype (where distance is no problem).

I work with people who are struggling with anxiety and low self-confidence issues. I understand the difficulties people face and, as well as anxiety and confidence issues, I work with people suffering from stress related issues, panic attacks, insomnia and sleep disorders, low self-esteem, fear of public speaking, fear of flying and those people who wish to quit smoking. Do you want to be smoke-free in 2019?

Anxiety or panic is what we experience when our body senses a threat or danger around us. It is an instinctive response where we will either try to ‘fight’ the threat, take ‘flight’ from the threat or ‘freeze’ in the face of the threat.

This was really useful for us when we were cavemen and women, fearing for our lives, but it’s not so helpful when we receive an unexpected bill, have a row with our partner or worry we’ve made a mistake at work. Even though these things are not life or death, our bodies will treat them as if they are, which will cause us to panic – thereby raising our heart rate, cause our stomach to churn, our palms to sweat and our mind to go blank.

I am passionate about helping you to make the changes that are right for you. Solution focused hypnotherapy can make a huge difference to your life; by helping to free you from self-limiting thoughts and behaviours, whilst allowing you to change your life in a positive way for the future.

Having experienced first-hand the devastation stress and anxiety can cause, I want to help you to overcome these conditions and live the life you want to live. I work with people who genuinely want to make fundamental changes in their life and are willing to work with me to make those changes happen.

Style of hypnotherapy.

I practice solution focused hypnotherapy, which means I work with you to identify your priorities and enable you to bring about the positive changes that are right for you. Hypnotherapy is a very effective way of accessing the subconscious mind to make the changes you want, to have the life you desire. It is also a very enjoyable and relaxing experience too.

What to expect in your first session.

If you have any questions about how I work or how hypnotherapy can help you, please feel free to get in touch. It's important that you feel at ease and comfortable with your therapist before you commit to undertaking any sessions and I want to ensure you are happy before proceeding.

Once you decide to go ahead, the first session is a chance for us to discuss the issues you want help with and also identify your goals. I feel it's important to have these in mind when we start so we know we are achieving the results you want.

I will take contact details from you and find out a bit more information about any general health issues you may have, what your sleep patterns are like, etc. This helps to give me a broader picture so I can help you better.

I will also explain fully, using a diagram for illustration, how the brain works; how we can suffer in the way that we do sometimes and what we can do about it. Understanding why you're feeling the way you are is the first step to recognising and overcoming the issue; then learning how to deal with it in a much better way for the future.

We will end the session with some hypnotherapy, so you leave with a feeling of calm and relaxation. I will also give you a sound file to listen to in-between the sessions, to consolidate the work we've done.

Training, qualifications & experience

I trained with the prestigious Clifton Practice and qualified as a Clinical Hypnotherapist and Psychotherapist. I hold the Diploma in Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy (DHP).

I regularly update my skills by attending continuing professional development (CPD) courses. I have recently done courses around neuroscience, disordered eating, post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and solution focused brief therapy (SFBT) ; the principles of which I utilise within my sessions.

I have worked in a variety of care settings spanning the last 30 years: as a qualified nursery nurse with young children; with women and children in a women’s refuge and with vulnerable adults who have learning disabilities, as a Community Support Worker. I feel this experience has given me a deeper understanding of people from all walks of life and I love supporting people to have the best life they can.

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Areas of hypnotherapy I deal with

* If you have been diagnosed or suspect you may have one of the medical conditions starred above, you should consult your GP for advice, diagnosis and treatment and always inform your health professional before starting any alternative or additional therapies or treatments.

Photos & videos

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Once you decide to go ahead and book a session/block of sessions, I will incorporate 30 minutes FREE into the first session (90 minutes for the price of 60). This ensures we have enough time to discuss things fully and allows me to explain everything clearly to you, as I want you to feel absolutely happy with everything from the start. Please remember though, commitment and motivation are necessary to gain the most benefit from the sessions. 

Sessions include:

- One-to-one session time or Skype session time (if this is the option you choose).
- Sound files to consolidate the work done in the sessions.
- Ongoing email support between sessions.
- Motivational text messages.

  • Fee per session (approximately 1 hour) is £70
  • Fee per Skype session is £55 (payable the day before the session)
  • Stopping smoking in one session (approximately 1.5 hours) is £140

Skype may be a better option for you, especially if travelling/distance are an issue or your time is limited. Skype sessions will be approximately 1.5 hours in the first session and approximately 1 hour in subsequent sessions.

I am flexible regarding appointments, as I know people have other commitments; so I offer some evening and Saturday appointments, as well as daytime appointments from Tuesday to Friday.

Further information

Please find below a few of the recent testimonials I have received.

I decided to try hypnotherapy to deal with emetophobia I had dealt with since childhood. Now, having children of my own I was desperate to get help (In order not pass my phobia onto them and to enable me to help them when they are poorly and at their most vulnerable). I was actually at the point where I did not want to send my 3 year old to nursery for the fear that other children would make her ill. I worked with Anne and she put me at ease straight away when initially, even talking about my phobia upset me. The first session was really helpful to look at how and why phobias exist and how the brain works to establish these fears and elicit the fight or flight response. I was given good advice on a number of practices to put into place in order to help with the anxiety my phobia created. Bit by bit, using sound files and regular sessions I have managed to increase my confidence surrounding my phobia to the highest level it’s ever been in my lifetime (9/10) I now feel that I CAN and WILL deal with this when it occurs. I have sent my daughter to her first week at nursery with a much more positive outlook and have been able to enjoy her first experience of school life without major anxiety. Thank you so much Anne! Victoria Lister - 15 September 2018

I needed some help with public speaking and anxiety around work based presentations and leading meetings. I met a lovely lady called Anne Gregory who immediately reassured me that this was fairly common and definitely something she could help with. I put my faith in Anne knowing I had a big board meeting to Chair in Oxford the following month and I was pretty terrified but after 2 sessions, I started to feel empowered and wanted to plan for it (something I would never be excited to do). I had a month to wait before the meeting and presentation and managed to fit in 3 sessions. I have no idea what has happened to me but my colleagues have all noticed how at ease I am when I’m delivering a presentation or chairing a meeting and I have even started to bring a bit of humour into the meetings that were once so daunting for me. I was like a rabbit in headlights!! I had a further 2 sessions with Anne to make sure I was really ‘fixed’ and I can say with conviction that I’ve delivered 4 presentations and headed up 2 meetings in the last 6 weeks and I’m really calm about it. The soundfile helped and I still listen every night because it relaxes me so much and ‘gets me in the zone’. I can’t thank Anne enough as I’ve left happier and able to overcome my fear. Vicky - 15 September 2018

I visited for anxiety and insomnia. I had been struggling with this for many years, particularly issues with sleep. 
I wasn’t sure what to expect but I was immediately put at ease by Anne who was very patient and explained everything. I have finally started to sleep better and I am less anxious, from the sessions and listening to the wonderful soundfile you get as part of your therapy. Thank you so much to Anne. Joanne Brown - 15 September 2018

I had been a committed smoker for 25 years and had tried many times to stop for financial reasons initially but then more health. I was sceptical and was not convinced hypnotherapy would work for me. Anne Gregory put me at complete ease and explained clearly what to expect. I left feeling amazingly calm and relaxed and a non smoker. Its been 10 months now. I cannot recommend this enough. I wish I had found hypnotherapy years ago. Kev Cody - 6 June 2018

My situation was that I was transitioning from one career to another and needed help with confidence. I was also going through some family bereavement too. Anne has taught me some methods of relaxation and self preservation, keeping my 'stress bucket' from overflowing. I'm overwhelmingly pleased with how much more calm I am in situations where previously I would have reacted more emotionally. Richard Banks - 29 April 2018

I have being seeing Anne since October 2017 and have seen a great improvement in managing my anxiety. Thanks to the hypnotherapy techniques I have become more relaxed at work and have gained confidence in social situations. I would thoroughly recommend this service to anyone.
Laura, Manchester - 11 February 2018

When I first met Anne I felt trapped in a cycle of depression and anxiety and felt very little hope for the future. I'd tried various things previously to no avail so as a last resort I thought I'd try hypnotherapy and it was one of the best decisions I've ever made. Anne couldn't of been nicer and made me feel at ease straight away. The whole process has made such a big difference to my mental health and my quality of life in a relatively short space of time. Thank you so much Anne x.
Nick Rock - 18 October 2017

Hello! I've had 4 sessions with Anne now. Anne stands out because of her compassion, genuine caring nature and highly positive focus. She re-introduced me to the importance of confidence, kindly and clamly listened to all my dramas and got me back on Track with my positive thinking. I love the soundfiles- I had deep dreams afterwards.

I sent a friend to Anne who was having severe anxiety over her relationship. My friend had a single session with Anne and according to her "the anxiety suddenly left her body and never came back after that." She didn't even need to listen to the soundfiles!!

Anne was there for me at a time when NO one else was. I will always be grateful to her for that, for her kindness and for her positive attitude and focus and for her deep and in depth care to her clients. Anne thank you.

KAYLEigh xx - 6 March 2017

I contacted Anne for help with confidence and self-esteem. From the 1st phone call with Anne I felt at ease that she understood my situation and could help. The initial consultation was very informative and explained a lot about my thought processes. After 4 sessions I was feeling much better about myself and can see huge differences in my outlook and behaviour. Having the sound file for while I'm at home is also a huge help. I would highly recommend.
Lisa Aldred - 24 February 2017

I came to get help in straightening out some mental issues I was having. Nothing too heavy duty but still something I thought I needed some help with. Anne did a great job from the beginning in explaining what my thought processes were doing to my mental state and it all made perfect sense. I clearly needed to adjust my thinking and approach situations in a different way, mentally. I came for about 11 visits and left knowing what I needed to do to rewire my thinking. The hardest part for me is actually putting it all into place but I know full well that if I manage to follow everything Anne explained to me, I’ll be 100% better than I was before my first visit. I’m grateful for the time, attention and consideration I was given and if I need to return, I know I’ll be in good hands.
Will Furniss - 4 January 2017

Anne was recommended to me by a friend who wanted confidence for a work presentation and I was going through a lot of changes in my life and wanted to deal with stress better. So I booked with Anne and after only 3 sessions I feel so much clearer and ready to take on challenges with more confidence. Anne asked the right questions about my life and what I was going through but also reminded me that I was stronger than I thought. I felt instantly at ease discussing things with Anne and I feel better equipped to deal with my stress levels. I now feel I have a clear path for 2017 and I am grateful to Anne for her guidance.
Amanda Quinn - 27 December 2016

I have always been quite a self-conscious person. However over the last 3 years this got significantly worse and a sickening anxious feeling would be with me all day every day. It stopped me from fully being myself around my closest friends, stopped me from doing things at work that may help me progress or even the smallest of tasks/events that I couldn't get out of, would leave me feeling anxious for weeks leading up to it and then worrying about it for weeks afterwards. In February I decided I had to do something about it as I knew it would only continue to get worse. I was adamant that I did not want to resolve my anxiety with medication, so after researching that hypnotherapy could help with anxiety I found Anne's details online. I read some of the previous reviews and decided to make an appointment. From the initial phone call Anne was extremely friendly and made me feel so at ease talking to her. Throughout my sessions Anne explained how the brain works and why we can end up feeling the way we do. She taught me how to relax properly and gave me advice on how to reduce the anxious feeling when I was faced with events or tasks at work that were outside of my comfort zone. After every session I had a different recording to listen to at home which I still do most days even now. My first session with Anne was at the end of February and my last was last week and what she has helped me to achieve in just 4 months is wonderful. My confidence has soared, I no longer have a lingering anxious feeling every day and I have even managed to do a presentation at work as well starting the ball rolling with a new position – the thought of an interview 4 months ago was not even a remote possibility. There are days when the anxious feeling or nerves return but what Anne has taught me means the feeling may only last a few minutes as I can control what I am feeling and carry on without that awful feeling staying with me all day as it used to be. I only wish I’d been to see Anne sooner, I cannot recommend her enough. Thank you Anne! x. Joanne Walker - 29 June 2016

I used to suffer from bouts of anxiety and uncertainty. I came across this service on the Internet and decided to get in contact. Anne was extremely professional and put me at ease straight away. I felt the benefits from the first session immediately and have continued to do so. I now have a much more positive outlook on life. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Anne to anyone thinking of or considering this option. Mark Bryan - 21 Jun 2016

Starting hypnotherapy with Anne to address anxiety around my health has had a major impact on my health and well being. I have regained my sparkle and love for life, she has helped me address issues such as lack of motivation and stress easily and after a few sessions I am back to my old self. 
I very rarely think about my health as I am too busy focusing on future plans and enjoying life. 
Thank you Anne you are a great listener and a skilled hypnotherapist. Kate O'Shaughnessy - 13 Jun 2016

I had hypnotherapy with Anne to try to resolve my anxieties associated with flying. It was very successful and enabled me to fly on holiday and have a wonderful time. It was such a liberating feeling ! The skills you acquire during hypnosis are transferable and can help you with other anxieties you may have in life too. 

The downloads are invaluable, they help to anchor you when you might be feeling stressed. A great resource to have. 
Anne is a great listener, kind, professional and really puts you at ease, sessions are followed up by a supportive email. Don't hesitate to contact her, I'm so glad I did... Elizabeth T - 9 Nov 2015

I had a real struggle with a pigeon phobia. Although funny to many, it was really getting in the way of my life and stopping me doing things I would otherwise enjoy such as going to parks, sitting outside at cafes, visiting the city centre, etc. I was fortunate enough to contact Anne, who has been an absolute diamond since Day 1. I almost didn't turn up to my appointment as I was feeling so anxious but she assured me all would be fine and she was right! I found the sessions to be very informative as well as relaxing, and it became easy for me to understand why I was feeling anxious. I made sure I followed Anne's advice and used the hypnotherapy audio files at night to help me relax. They worked fantastically and within just over a month I feel like a different person. I have even managed to enjoy a city break in Barcelona (where there are many pigeons!) and walk past them without them bothering me - something I never thought I could do! A huge thank you to Anne, who was an excellent listener, motivational and gave a personal touch with her emails. I can't thank you enough! 
Jade S - 19 Oct 2015

I got in touch after being at a loss with anxiety over public speaking. I saw Anne, who I would highly recommend! She was brilliant from day 1, explaining and helping me understand why it was happening. She listened, and really helped me through. I can't believe the difference it has made-I've even signed up to speak at a conference. Go for it! Anya Braun - 10 Oct 2015

Anne is great and has helped me think about relaxing more and being positive. Its not a magic fix but she really gives you great tools to help yourself in the future. I will book in for top ups in the future now my initial therapy is over. Anne's voice is with me always as I play her recordings to relax nearly everyday! Anne is a gem :-D Rachael Field - 27 Aug 2015

I got in touch for hypnotherapy after suffering with quite severe anxiety for many years. I was completely new to hypnotherapy and quite nervous at first but was completely put at ease by Anne. Anne explained to me how the brain works and how to break out of habits and to relax. I stuck to the 'homework', which is listening to the hypnosis tapes at home and new tasks which are set, these helped massively in improving me in between sessions. After 3 sessions with Anne, I am now able to understand and control my anxiety and I am continuously making improvements. If you are suffering from anxiety at all I would recommend 100%, I only wish I had done it sooner. Anne-Marie O'D - 6 Aug 2015

A very positive experience. It's brought many long term benefits, for both the reason I attended and aspects of my life I hadn't even thought of. For example my memory improved so much I got a First in an exam where none of my revised areas came up! Anne was wonderful - really understood and respected what I needed. D M W - 29 Jul 2015

I decided to go for hypnotherapy after being recommended by a very close friend who had tried it himself. I was having lots of trouble with negativity, anxiety, stress, depression of some form… I struggled for nearly 2 years and it was affecting my home life, marriage, and my friendship with those who I love most… I finally decided enough was enough and I picked the phone up.. I spoke to Anne Gregory who was to be my counsellor.. When I went I was in the doldrums to be honest… "I went with open eyes and a willingness to talk, listen and get myself back to being Steve".. That phone call was to be the most positive action I have taken in a good time… ANNE GREGORY is the most easy and understanding lady to have my sessions with. I felt totally at ease with Anne and totally trust and respect what she has done for me… My progress has been somewhat rapid because she gave me the confidence and the tools to go and use.. Thank you Anne, you're a star and a lovely, lovely person too… Steve x. Stephen Morris - 20 Jun 2015

I recently contacted Anne as I was suffering with anxiety, which has been a build up of stress over a number of years…..  I was at a real low in my life and it was beginning to affect my day to day life. I worked with Anne over a number of weeks and found the sessions really helpful and have now started to deal with my anxiety really well and have started to feel like my old self, with a much more positive attitude.  Carole Hooley - 27 May 2015

It was so good to meet you on Saturday and I have to say I actually felt relaxed all weekend which is such a leap forward for me so thank you so much. I listened to the relaxation download last night just before I went to sleep and really enjoyed it. All in all I am feeling very positive and hopeful about this journey. Thanks, X  TA - 18 May 2015