Leading Hypnotist Says Hypnosis Doesn't Work

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John Morgan, the nation's leading Hypnotherapist and author of popular stop smoking DVD and weight loss DVD, says that hypnosis is all 'media hype.'


With national 'No Tobacco Day' and 'No Diet Day' this May designed to raise awareness of the dangers of tobacco use and the importance of body image, leading Hypnotherapist John Morgan (http://www.johnmorganhypnosis.com) says that many people will turn to hypnosis for solutions.

"People see some hapless soul on stage quacking like a duck or hear about a neighbor quitting a 3 pack a day habit after being hypnotized. They hear about great Aunt Ruth who lost 250 pounds as the result of attending a hypnotherapy session, but in reality, hypnotism doesn't really even exist," says Morgan.    

Over a quarter of a million people who have attended his smoking cessation and weight loss sessions and tens of thousands who have purchased Morgan's stop smoking DVD and weight loss DVD and CD have learned first hand that hypnosis doesn't work. Yet, those same people lose weight and keep it off or stop smoking once and for all.

"The media has created the belief that a hypnotist can look into your eyes and make you do anything" Morgan says. "Wrong, I have control over nobody. If I did I would own a private island in the Caribbean." The way it really works, he says, is that people actually hypnotize themselves. He just provides the setting and the instruction. "What people call 'hypnosis' is nothing more than being in a suggestible frame of mind. A skilled Hypnotherapist has only the power to suggest and to put people into a state of accelerated learning."

Whether it's in his clinical hypnotherapy session or using his powerful DVD and CD products, John Morgan says the key to permanent change through hypnosis is to grow out of the old way and grow into the new way. "To make permanent change happen you have to follow the program through to its conclusion. Those that do are successful. Those that don't are less successful."

"Self hypnosis is fun, safe and effective. It's a natural state of mind where you momentarily escape from reality and make a journey to achieving your personal goals," says Morgan.

About John Morgan: John Morgan is America's best known Hypnotherapist and the author of popular self hypnosis DVD 'Stop Smoking Forever" and "Lose Weight and Keep It Off." Morgan says that every person can unlearn patterns of negative behavior through accelerated learning while in a susceptible frame of mind. For more information on hypnosis and hypnotherapy, visit http://www.johnmorganhypnosis.com.



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