Your flat has now been sealed up

Hi Luke. 

Yesterday, My little alarm bell, Vinnie, warned me that something strange was occurring downstairs in your flat. I heard some banging, so went downstairs to investigate. Well, what did me & Flipper find? Someone was changing the locks on your front door. I enquired as to he he was. At first he seemed a bit put out my my questioning, but I explained who I was and was just concerned because of all the dodgy activity lately in the building.

He told me that the neighbours had reported that the flat had been broken into and the contents were being removed early hours of the morning in a suspicious manner. So. the council decided to lock it up and seal the kitchen window, which had neem used to gain entry, a week ago. (since then the front door has been unlocked for anyone to come and go as they pleased.)

Your dad called me & asked if I could remove the 2 paintings that you value and look after them until your sister can come & collect them. SO, I did that the day before. 

So, now, hopefully less traffic in & out of the building during the night. No more people creeping about in the shadows. 

What is Heaven like? I hope its a bit warmer than our Winters down here, otherwise you'll be asking to move to Hell, where its warmer. You never did like the cold. It's OK for me, I'm a walrus.

That's it really. I'm completely skint. Got paid yesterday & only have 10% left to get me by. Bills Bills Bills. Funnily, I out of toilet paper, which is strange considering how much of the stuff I used to have a couple of years back. I was supplying the whole neighbourhood. Crazy. 

Oh yeah, I broke my toe again a couple of nights ago. I kicked the wall whilst dreaming I was kicking something that was chasing me. My big toe is a mess. I have difficulty walking, but other than that its not too bad. Just another break to add to the list. 

As for your flat, the council had left a notice on your door saying that they are repossessing it on 17th February 2024. I think now, they may be moving quicker, I wouldn't be surprised if there is a new person in there by the end of the month. 

Vinnie is waiting patiently for me to take him out for a walk, so I'd better go. Take care. xx

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