Not sure what to do with your boy

Hi Luke.

As I wrote earlier, your sis could not take Loggie, after all. Wish I'd found out before the funeral. At least 3 of your family & friends said that they would take him home with them. Unfortunately they all live a fair distance away & I don't know how to contact them. Plus I don't remember who offered. I met a lot of people, I'd never seen before. 

Olly did come after all. I was glad to see him there as I know you would have wanted him there. I explained to your family that he is one of the most important people in your life. 

Anyway, as for Loggie???? What to do. He has been making some strange noises lately. This time they are coming out of his mouth. I hope he's ok. I should tell you, after all these years of deceit, I'm not really a vet. I just pretended. Also I didn't fill the snack machines at NASA. I never dressed up as a penguin at my graduation. SO many lies. 

I never actually climbed mount Everest. I did however once stand upside down in a paddling pool and pretended I was the mountain peak. Another birthday ruined. 

That's probably enough of my silliness for one day. I will have to figure out what to do next. To be honest I'm more concerned about your sis. I hope she will be ok. I will try and reach out and let her know I'm here if she needs a chat. 

I've kept in touch with your dad, He's proper broken up about losing you. I've been speaking to him usually at least weekly. We are going to meet up for coffee when he is down this way next. 

So, I hope that you really are at peace now. I really do. I miss you mate. xx


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