Busy day, doing nothing

Good morning. It is another day. Got woken up by the girls at 4am. Just took them out in the garden and now they are eating their 1st meal of the day. Vin prefers that I put his bowl under the table where loggie can't easily get to it. Very sneaky. Vinnie just finished hos food, but then he had to go over and have a bite of Loggies food. Very cheeky.

Don't remember what i dreamed about last night. Oh yeah, I left making the podcast till way too late. I ended up recording for nearly 2 hours. Then after editing and uploading, It was late, late. I just shared the episode on facebook.

That's about it for now. I may update throughout the day. It's Friday. One week since your funeral & 8 weeks since, you know what! Still so hard to get my head around. How can you really not be here. Even though you were unwell a lot of the time, you still had an energy that shone through.

I reckon, even with all your issues, you probably enjoyed your overall life, way more than I ever have. You did have the ability to engage in conversation with others sometimes, that i was a bit envious of. You could hold the floor. You also naturally had people's respect. Probably didn't hurt that you looked like a MMA fighter. 

I know that if you had gone to Thailand, you would have made the most of every moment and created memories for life. I, on the other hand, went there acting like an old man and had very little fun. Can you believe, a beautiful Restaurant manager, (who I got to know, through being regular customer), invited me back to her apartment. I was ready to go, but declined when I realized that we would be travelling on the back of a moped. 

I tried to explain to her that I really liked her, but I was a scaredy cat. She didn't seem too impressed. Admittedly the language barrier didn't help. It was like trying to explain quantum physics to a penguin. Or trying to convince a hungry lion to go vegan. 

Anyway, yet again, I seem to have wondered off. So, I'm going to have my breakfast. Then I later on a neighbour is coming over and we are taking the girls out for a walk. 

So, ta ta for now, xx

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