Wednesday, 8 August 2018

Here is a picture of my new glasses (with me wearing them)

I got these new glasses today. They are stronger lenses than my last ones, as my vision has deteriorated a bit. They are reactor light, so my eyes are protected from the sunlight. I have to be careful as I have Macro Degeneration in my family. According to the Opticians, I need to protect my eyes from sun even in the winter. So I will look like I am wearing sunglasses when its snowing. Yay!

As a special treat, I will post another picture of me, this time sitting on the bus, with sun shining on my face. What could be more exciting??

Sexy or what? 
Anyway - that's it from me and my little blog post, I don't post many actual blogs on this website, as I have a tendency of getting a bit carried away and wanting to write lots of stuff. So, I try to keep these to a minimum and focus on the recordings. See ya later. xxx

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