Saturday, 21 July 2018

Magic Sleepy Bed (2018) - Jason Newland's FREE Sleep Hypnosis Service

Magic Sleepy Bed (2018) - Jason Newland's FREE Sleep Hypnosis Service

My name is Jason Newland. I have been a hypnotherapist since 1998. I have been making Free hypnosis videos & mp3 downloads available online, since 2006. My aim to help as many people as I can, worldwide. For this to happen, I need your help to spread the word of my work. 
So, this particular session is about sleeping. I talk softly about getting in touch with your surroundings, including the sounds, smells, and how you physically feel in this moment. There were a few background sounds whilst I was recording, but that can become a bit of a trigger for you to re-experience sleepiness, every time you re-listen to this sleep hypnosis session. What I will ask you to do, is just to focus on my voice. You will be gently & slowly guided into a increased sense of physical relaxation. You will also find that the thoughts inside your mind will start to quieten, somewhat. In-fact, your mind and body seems to sync in its feeling of serenity. I count down from 20-1, where you can observe the anxiety & stress from your body and mind being released out of your body, leaving through the bottoms of your feet. During the counting down of the numbers, it is natural for you to experience a decreasing anxiety & stress. As you can enjoy feeling more relaxed, I will introduce the magic bed into your mind. I will ask you to imagine a magic sleeping bed that looks like your own bed, but is in fact magical. It is magic, because, very time you lay down on that magic bed, you will naturally fall into a deep sleep. Every time your head touches that magical sleepy pillow, all the thoughts inside your mind can disappear and soak into the magic pillow. Your mind will naturally feel completely relaxed and that calmness will also continue throughout your body. The good thing about that magic sleepy bed is that there is absolutely nothing for you to do. As I am a very lazy person, having nothing to do actually appeals to me, and is excellent when sleeping. Near the end of this sleep hypnosis session, I count down again from 20-1. Each number counting down will cause you to feel even more sleepy. 
I don't actually wake you up at the end of the session or count up. I just say announce that it is the end. If you need to awaken up at a certain time, I would advise that you set an alarm, before starting to listen, and fall asleep.

Only listen to this Sleep Hypnosis Session when you can safely close your eyes. I hope you enjoy. Thanks for listening and I will make a new session soon. By the way, I also have Podcast called "Let me bore you to sleep", which you may wish to listen to. At present, there are about 35 recordings available, and i make a couple of new ones weekly. Please leave a comment to let me know how you get on. Love Jason Newland. xx

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