Thursday, 26 July 2018

#38 Let me bore you to sleep (2018) - Jason Newland's FREE Boredom Service

#38 Let me bore you to sleep - Jason Newland's FREE Hypnosis Service
Hi. My name is Jason Newland. I am a hypnotist and Counsellor. 
This recording me being very boring for an hour. My aim is to bore you to sleep. In this tedious session, I discuss Superheroes. I talk about Superhero television programs, from my childhood. Also, I discuss Wonder Woman, who is my all time favourite TV Superhero. After naming the various televiosio shows which focused on Superhero's, I move onto the Superhero films. I remember first watching the original 3 Superman films. I talk about the newer  Marvel films that I love watching. All in all, I manage to talk for over an hour, just listing the different films and tv shows that I recall viewing, over the years, from the age of 8 until now (aged 47).
I am a major fan of all the Superhero films. Of course, some I like more than others. I just love the idea of having powers that can be used to help people and save lives. I didn't talk about what super human power I would like to have myself, as I already have one - BEING THE MOST BORING MAN ON EARTH. Yep, I am truly blessed. I would make myself a celebratory cake, if I wasn't busy typing this bunch of cabbage patch poo. So, yet again, I have completed a yawnful experience for you not to enjoy. Remember to only ever listen to this Free sleep insomnia audio mp3 recording, when you can safely close your eyes. Also, if your watching the sleep session as a video, Only watch if you can safely close your eyes. Obviously you can't watch the video and have your eyes closed at the same time. You can, however listen to this free insomnia video. I should also point out that this session that has been recorded specifically to help you to fall asleep, may cause drowsiness. 
I wish there was something  more that I could tell you, but I guess you will have to listen in order to really appreciate all the wonderfulness of this sleepy sleeipness. Lots of love Jason Newland. xx

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